Why Choose Pedrick For Pipe & Tube Bending Equipment

Why Weld When You Can Bend? Pedrick Cold Bends Almost Anything. Contact Us For A Quote

The PEDRICK Tool & Machine Company was established in Philadelphia, PA in 1875. Originally, PEDRICK manufactured a variety of machine tools for the shipbuilding industry, which was a dominant industry in America. We still supply our pipe bending equipment to the shipbuilding industry, and many other industries.  Our benders are used to bend pipe & tube for process piping for power plants (fossil fired, nuclear, hydroelectric), chemical plants, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of compressors, turbines, lube skids, playground equipment and anywhere bends are used to replace welded elbows. That’s why we say “Why Weld When You Can Bend”? PEDRICK develops custom tooling for unusual applications. Contact us for a quote. PEDRICK manufactures bending equipment with the highest quality materials & workmanship. Contact us for a quote.
  • Pedrick Feature
  • Heat treated alloy steel shafting
  • Pedrick Feature
  • Spherical roller bearings for maximum radial load capacity for gears
  • Pedrick Feature
  • NEMA 12 control box meets NEC, JIC, CE Specs
  • Pedrick Feature
  • Helical bevel gear reducer with a TEFC motor and integral brake
  • Pedrick Feature
  • Cast iron or fabricated steel housing
  • Pedrick Feature
  • Limit Switch for angle selection and automatic reversing for production bending


PEDRICK benders consists of a housing mounted on a fabricated steel or cast iron stand and is driven from the bottom. The housing is about 32 inches from the shop floor. Under the housing we have mounted a bull gear and pinion gear on spherical roller bearings for maximum radial load capacity. A cover plate is provided to prevent dirt and scale from damaging the gears & bearings underneath.
PEDRICK benders are  driven with a helical-bevel, right-angle gear reducer, TEFC, 3 phase motor & integral brake mounted under the housing. Our benders are all mechanical and require minimal maintenance. No hydraulics or pneumatics are used. It is controlled by a reversing controller with an external fused disconnect, overload heaters, and control transformer which meets NEC, JIC, OSHA & CE specifications. Pipe & tube bends meet American Petroleum Institute (API), Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), ASME B3 specifications. Contact us for a quote.

What is Rotary Compression ?

Pedrick Bender

PEDRICK benders operate on the rotary compression bending principle. It consists of a stationary die (tooling), mounted on the center of the bender.  And a bending arm that rotates around the die and wipes the material, to be bent, into the die. Bends can be produced in pipe and tubing that can be used to replace welded elbows, reduce cut offs, end preparation, fittings, welds & inspections which saves a tremendous amount of money (see “Cost Benefits” section). The compression bending process is well suited for bending heavy wall pipe & tube and heavy sections. Pipe bends meet ASME B3.1 specifications.
Solid round bar stock (1/4 – 3 IN OD) can be bent, hot & cold, for many industrial applications. A variety of structural (channel, angle iron), roll-formed, and extruded sections can be bent using the rotary compression bending process. We welcome the opportunity to review your bending requirements. Contact us with engineering drawings, sketches, and samples for a quote.

Pedrick Features

Rotary Compression benders are heavy duty, low maintenance, precision machines. PEDRICK benders can be tooled to bend a variety of sections and materials except thin wall tubing. PEDRICK benders are manufactured in the USA. PEDRICK designs, manufactures, and tests all of the custom tooling for their machines. While PEDRICK benders are primarily used to bend pipe and tube, the company develops and manufactures tooling to bend many unusual or difficult sections. We welcome the opportunity to review special and unusual bending applications. Contact us for a quote.

Rugged Reliability

PEDRICK benders are manufactured to give many years of trouble free service. Heat treated alloy steel shafting, spherical roller bearings, massive bull gears and pinions allow our benders to meet the most demanding industrial requirements. Whether they are used in a high production, plant maintenance or OEM application, our benders will produce cost effective bends year after year.

Easy to Maintain

PEDRICK benders require minimal maintenance. They do not make use of hydraulics or pneumatics. High efficiency helical-bevel gear drives with TEFC brake motors that require minimal maintenance. With a little grease applied to the bearings, our benders will produce bends with virtually no maintenance, year after year.

Easy to Operate

An operator with minimum skill can produce high quality bends with a PEDRICK bender as efficiently as the highest skilled worker. Setting up to produce accurate bends is quick and easy and is accomplished with standard hand tools.


While PEDRICK benders are used to bend pipe and tube, our bending machines can be tooled to bend solid round bar stock (hot & cold), structural sections (channels, angle iron etc.), extruded and roll-formed sections. PEDRICK benders can used to cold bend almost anything except thin wall tubing. PEDRICK benders can bend many things that are not considered bendable.

Tooling Changeover

Changing tooling (dies) on a PEDRICK bender is straight forward. It can be accomplished with standard hand tools in a few minutes. The center spindle can be removed so smaller tooling sets, for smaller bend radii, can be used.

Fast Operation

Our Model A-1 can produce a 90° bend in four seconds. The Model D-15 can produced a 90° bend in 4 IN schedule 80 pipe in twenty seconds. In most cases the handling time of the material being bent is the limiting factor.


Our customers frequently ask us for a portable bender. We can provide a machine that is mounted on casters, steel pallet, and with lifting holes. While a permanent foundation is desirable, our benders are also mounted on trucks and on board ships.


PEDRICK benders are limit switch controlled for duplicate bending. Digital controls are also available as an option. Our benders can be supplied with automatic reversing for high production applications. They can also be supplied with manual controls for job shops and plant maintenance applications. Bend angle accuracy is  +/- .5 degree. We can adjust the dies for the inherent radial springback of the material. When required, we can maintain an accuracy of it +/- .030 IN on the bending radius. The bend radius accuracy can be affected by the material being bent.

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