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The Pedrick Tool & Machine Company was founded in 1875 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While our company manufactured machine tools for many industries, most of our product lines were used in the shipbuilding industry, which at the time was the dominant industry in America. As other industries grew, The Pedrick Tool and Machine Company developed our line of rotary compression bending machines for newly emerging industrial applications. Our machines are now typically used as tubing benders, pipe benders, bar stock benders and special section benders.

Today Pedrick Tool and Machine bending machines are used in many industries, including shipbuilding, all over the world. Our benders enjoy an excellent reputation in industry. While our bending machines continue to be used in traditional pipe maintenance shops, and OEM applications,  we are constantly developing new procedures in response to the changing requirements of industry. We use the most advanced materials, components & workmanship in the construction of our bending machinery and equipment.

The Pedrick Tool & Machine Company manufactures of a full line of rotary compression bending machines for bending pipe and tube. Heavy wall tube and schedule 80 and schedule 160 pipe can be bent. Bends made in pipe and tube, on a 3D bend radius, meet ASME B3 specifications. Bends made in pipe and tube, on a 5 D bend radius, meet Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) specifications and US Navy and Coast Guard mil-specs.

PEDRICK pipe and tube benders are mechanically driven. No hydraulics or pneumatics are used to bend pipe or tube. PEDRICK pipe and tube benders require minimal maintenance. Tooling changeovers are quick and easy using standard hand tools. Applications include process piping for oilfield services, plant maintenance, compressors, turbines, boilers, power plants (fossil fired, hydroelectric, nuclear), shipyards, rail car & locomotive manufacturers and many others. We look forward to having an opportunity to review your bending requirements.

Pipe Bender, Tube Bender, Solid Round Bar Bender, Anchor Bolt Bender, U Bolt Bender, J Bolt Bender

The Pedrick Tool & Machine Company manufactures of a full line of rotary draw benders, called their DD series, for solid round bar stock for anchor bolts, J bolts & U bolts. Anchor bolts can be formed in round solid bar stock and square solid bar stock. Bender capacity ranges from 1/4 IN – 3 IN OD, A-36, mild steel, solid bar stock. Bars can be bent in multiples for high production bending. DD Series bar stock benders are compact, all mechanical without hydraulics. Tooling changeovers are quick and easy with standard hand tools. Minimal maintenance requirements.

Rectangular steel & copper plates can be bent the easy way and hard way. Bends bent the hard way can be bent to exceptionally tight bend radii with minimal upsetting on the inside of the bend. Anchor bolt bending machine manufactured by The Pedrick Tool & Machine Co., Inc. are of rugged construction, simple to operate and require minimal maintenance. Our benders have a small footprint and tooling changeovers are quick and require standard hand tools.

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