Solid Round Bar Stock

Model A-1

Solid Bar Stock Bending Machine

The Model A-1 is the smallest bending machine manufactured by Pedrick. We call it “The Small Wonder”. It was designed in response to requests for a bench-top bender for smaller materials. It is very popular for hydraulic tubing, furniture tubing (1 inch OD), and a variety of manufacturing applications requiring bending of small metal rods and straps. This bending machine is manufactured with the same high quality components as its larger counterparts. We use heat treated alloy steel forgings, spherical roller bearings, NEMA 12 electrics, and right-angle, helical gear drives. The bender is shown bending 7/8 inch OD CREW tubing to a 2 5/8 inch (3D) centerline radius. In addition it is shown with optional auxiliary limit switches and a selector switch for multiple angle selection.

HPBending MomentPipe CapacityTube Capacity (crew)Round Bar stockApprox. WeightSpindle DiameterFloor Space
12,800 IN-LBS.750 IN SCH 401 IN OD X .125 WT.750 IN OD650 LBS2 IN2 FT X 2 FT
.75 KW349 N-M26.6 MM25 MM X 1.600 MM19 MM295 KG50.8 MM.75 M X .75 M

Model A-3

Tube Bender & Pipe Bender Machine

The Model A-3 is the smallest of the floor mounted bending machines manufactured by Pedrick. Like all Pedrick bending machines, it is a rotary head compression bender that is driven with a mechanical drive. It produces 9,000 inch pounds of bending moment. It is capable of bending 1 1/4 inch schedule 40 pipe. It is popular for many furniture and extrusion bending applications. This model shares the same platform as the Model A-5 shown. They both provide a very large bending capacity with a small footprint.

HPBending MomentPipe CapacityTube Capacity (crew)Round Bar stockApprox. WeightSpindle DiameterFloor Space
39,000 IN-LBS1.250 IN SCH 401.625 IN OD X .125 WT1.250 IN OD1600 LBS3 IN3 FT x 3 FT
2.2 KW1019 N-M42.1 MM42 MM X 3.1 MM31 MM726 KG76.2 MM.9 M X .9 M

Model A-7

Pipe and Tube Bending Machine

The Model A-7 is the most popular bending machine manufactured by PEDRICK. It is a heavy duty version of the Model A-5. The Model A-7’s primary application is for bending 1/2 inch – 2 inch schedule 80 pipe for small bore process piping for plant maintenance and many original equipment manufacturing (OEM) applications. Bends produced on a 3D bend radius meet ASME B3 & American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications for ovality (flattening) and wall thinning. Bends produced on a 5D bend radius meet Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) & United States Navy (USN) specifications.

HPBending MomentPipe CapacityTube Capacity (crew)Round Bar stockApprox. WeightSpindle DiameterFloor Space
528,500 IN-LBS2 IN SCH 802.375 IN OD X .218 WT1.750 IN OD2000 LBS3 IN3.5 FT X 3.5 FT
3.7 KW3192 N-M60.300 MM60 MM X 5.5 MM44 MM909 KG76.3 MM1 M X 1 M

Model B-10

Solid Round Bar stock Bending Machine

The Pedrick Model B-10 bender offers an exceptional value. It is a heavy duty bending machine that creates a bending moment of 75,000 inch-lbs. This is three times the capacity of the Pedrick Model A-7 bending machine at less than two times the price! Like all Pedrick benders, this model is typically supplied with limit switches, which can be set for repetitive bending. Digital controls are also available. The bender shown on the left is tooled to bend 3/8 inch x 12 inch A36 plates to 1 1/2 inch inside radius, 0-180 degrees. Dies were provided to bend a variety of plate sizes up to and including 1/2 inch x 12 inch plates to bend radii ranging from 1 1/2 inch to 12 inch. A large shipbuilding company uses the bent parts for cable collars through bulkheads.

HPBending MomentPipe CapacityTube Capacity (crew)Round Bar stockApprox. WeightSpindle DiameterFloor Space
1075,000 IN-LBS2 IN SCH 802.875 IN OD X .187 WT2.500 IN OD6500 LBS4.500 IN4 FT X 4 FT
3.75 KW8500 N-M73 MM73 MM X 5.2 MM64 MM2955 KG114 MM1.2 M X 1.2 M

Model D-10

Bar Stock Bending Machine

The PEDRICK Model D-10 is a very powerful bending machine. It is supplied with a two piece spindle to accommodate large and small bending radii. This model has become a standard in many forging shops that bend large solid bar stock, hot & cold. Like all PEDRICK benders this machine provides a tremendous bending force, but doesn’t require a great deal of floor space. The bender shown is set up to bend 3 1/2 IN OD x .562 WT (heavy wall thickness) stainless steel tubing to a 10 1/2 inch (3D) centerline radius. This was required by a company that manufactures high pressure hydraulic systems. This PEDRICK Model D-10 has been installed in many power and steam generating plants for plant maintenance for boilers.

HPBending MomentPipe CapacityTube Capacity (crew)Round Bar stockApprox. WeightSpindle DiameterFloor Space
10100,000 IN-LBS3 IN SCH 803.500 IN OD X .312 WT3 IN OD7000 LBS4.500 IN4 FT X 5 FT
7.5 KW11,300 N-M88.9 MM89 MM X 7.9 MM76 MM3175 KG114 MM1.2 M X 1.5 M

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