The Pedrick Tool and Machine Company has been manufacturing rotary compression bending machines in the USA for over 130 years. They are manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our benders are used to pipe bending, plate bending, tube bending, stainless steel bending, solid round bar stock, structural sections, extrusions, roll formed sections and many other materials. Custom tooling is also available. Pedrick manufactures and develops the custom designed tooling & equipment then sample bending are produced in the customer’s materials and sent to them for evaluation and approval prior to shipment.
Pipe, Tube, bar tock, channel bending machines

Our Industries

We strive to deliver a level of service that compliments your needs and ideally leaves you completely satisfied.
Ship Building
Rail Cars
Hand Rails
Steam Plants
Power Plants
FAB Shops
Chemical Plants
Sporting Goods
Playground Equipment
Hydraulic Equipment

Our Guarantee

“PEDRICK guarantees, in writing, that bends produced on our bending machines meet ANSI, Nuclear Regulatory Committee (NRC), Boiler Code, US Navy & Coast Guard specifications.”
Test bends in customer material can be provided. PEDRICK has been supplying our equipment to shipbuilders for over 100 years. PEDRICK supplies our benders to power plants (fossil fired, hydroelectric and nuclear) for new construction and plant maintenance.
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